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29th-Jan-2008 06:22 pm - I DID IT AGAIN
I just finished watching the episode where Toma hugs Ashiya and confesses his love for her. And like ProDai, I cried. EVERYTIME..when the guy hugs the girl from behind, I get an emotional feeling and cry! *sigh hahaha. (only happens with jdramas)

I thought HanaKimi was the drama that wouldn't make me cry since its hilarious, but I guess not..sheesh lol.
28th-Jan-2008 05:47 pm - *SMILES*
"sho" serious
So I've really gotten addicted to watching "Hana-Kimi". That drama is sooooo cute. Hahaha. I was watching one episode on my ipod during my ASB (leadership) class and I couldn't help but laugh. My friends were all like "wtheck?" hahaha. I'm starting to like Toma because of this drama.

I've "wiki'd" this drama before and wanted to watch it and checked if I knew any characters. Well at first, when I saw the guy who played Sano on wikipedia, he looked...how do you say, "not my type" hahaha. When I was watching Hana-Kimi, I thought he was hot! LOL. But I didn't know it was that same guy on wikipedia, get me? lol So I'm pretty surprised. I wanna be able to finish watching the drama by the end of the week. So I can move on to...the OTHER DRAMAS I MUST MUST watch. lol.

Gotta go now..I'll blog more if anything interesting happens hahaha.


OK, I just finished watching ep. 6 on Hana Kimi and OMG...

There's something about the guy hugging the girl that really gets me all KYAA or cry in jdramas. Usually, I'm emotionless with chick flicks in America but everytime I watch the jdramas, or even the scene over and over, I get this feeling of..."WOW, I SO WISH THAT HAPPENED TO ME" LOL. Unlike American movies, where I'm like "uhhh that's awkward...." hahhahaha. I really LOVE Hana Kimi, its kinda like the japanese version of "She's the Man" but....


lol. I can't stop thinking about that HUG! hahahaha
27th-Jan-2008 06:17 pm - Long time no post.
I've been meaning to post a loooong time ago, but I haven't found the time to. So I told myself that I'll post when I make a new layout. And i did. haha So for now, I'm pretty satisfied. 

Ummmmmm, so A LOT has happened since the beginning of the year (my life with JE that is). I've gotten from NEWS-addicted to ARASHI then now KAT-TUN. I EQUALLY love them all hahaha, its just each group has their member which I've totally "fallen in love" with. (Emphasis on the quotes)...which you can see on my banner.

So I made a new goal for the first quarter of the year..to watch ALOT of doramas. Right now, I'm "working on" Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Like I'm working on downloading them...hahaha. I remember  sweetpniangel87 giving me Kurosagi episodes...but I haven't found the time to watch it. 

So my friend who introduced me to this whole japanese dramas with ProDai watched alot of the dramas that I'm PLANNING to watch and I wondered how he's so updated with the dramas. At first I thought he owned a livejournal...so I was thinking, "So HE'S one of the fanboys that exist" hahaha. Well, he told me he uses something that gets updated with jdramas. So I'm gonna watch the dramas that are on ipod format first because I take my ipod everywhere, I wanna be able to watch when I'm bored you know?

Hmmmmm, what else is new?

Oh yeah, I just ended my 1st semester..pretty late huh? Well our school is weird. haha. Typical (asian) grades except for that B in calculus (haha don't mean to be stereotypical..sorry ><). I wanted to drop my AP Psychology class because its such a bore (only cuz of the teacher..the concepts are okay) and the teacher knocks points off of your work even if you missed a certain punctuation mark..(sorry for the exaggeration but her grading methods are unreasonable). Well, it ends up I have to stay in that class because it MIGHT/WILL affect my admissions to college, and I don't wanna take that risk. So I won't be going home at 12 after all ]]]:

Man I've been sick lately...and on top of that, it's really windy and rainy. Not that I hate the rain or anything, but it's like random hahaha. Weather here is really random, like it was pretty warm earlier today and then it was getting windy then it rains.



(I wasn't able to do a graphic...)

Ok so I think I've posted enough. haha I'll go on to my psychology homework (bleh) and dream about jin ahahahahhahaa. Which by the way I had a dream about him last night..weird ne? hahaha. All it was about was KATTUN taking a photoshoot...don't worry FULLY-CLOTHED. hahah. Well yeah. Laters [:
2nd-Jan-2008 07:35 pm - Driver's License [APPROVED!]
&quot;sho&quot; serious
GREAT WAY to start off 2008 ne?

I didn't even know I was taking my test (cuz my instructor made a last-minute appt) so yeah. I wasn't even nervous haha. Well, now, I can drive yippee. Kinda late but still!! haha. So now me and my mom can go on those mother-daughter outings..except she's scared to be in the same car as me when I drive. hahaahaha

So I was youtubing and I saw this clip of Koyama kissing this girl because of a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL performance on stage...I'm guessing he was Troy Bolten. I don't know, there was something about him kissing that girl that made me all *WOOOW* ^_^. I can't imagine any NEWS members kissing...so yeah. I think that made me like Koyama more hahahahhaha.

Anyway, I can't wait for my outing tomorrow!!
1st-Jan-2008 08:56 pm - Happy New Year
&quot;sho&quot; serious
I'm pretty late with the greeting haha sorry.

First of all, I'd like to credit sweetpniangel87     for my icon. Well, I made it myself but she has one of Ryo and I thought that Shounen Club episode was too cute >_<. So basically, her icon influenced me to make a shige one. heehee.

Anyway so my New Years Eve wasn't all that great (at least not like the past few New Years). I just slept through the night. Well, I was awake for about 10 minutes around midnight then tried to go back to sleep until I got a continuous amount of text messages. OH YEAH, I spent the weekend (Saturday&Monday) at SeaWorld. GREAT!! I took pictures of the penguins ^_^ which are <33333 but then I flashback-ed to HAPPY FEET and got upset cuz I felt bad for the penguins but it also flashback-ed to 1lot which again is <3333

Woooooooooooooow, the weather outside is crrrrrazy O_o. I can hear the wind blowing against the window and its kinda scary haha.

Anyway, since I'm new to lj..I'm still getting the hang of stuff. So I dunno if I made the cuts right and such...but yeah. Am I supposed to make tags??? hahahaha

28th-Dec-2007 09:12 pm - Ok, I lied.
&quot;sho&quot; serious
Hahaha, so it wasn't my last post of the year...

OK so I was reading through my friends page like a typical fangirl would (right?) And i see this hate community and for some reason it makes me laugh. (Talk about immaturity riiight???). Weeeeellll, it made me laguh more cuz I kept refreshing the page and I couldn't believe how many people comment within like MINUTES! Plus, I was reading the comments and it seemed the community-creator's plan backfired. Anyway, enough with that.

I just recently listened to Heavenly Psycho from Kanjani8 and I fell in love with it. Its like one of my top songs for the year. hahaha. Maaaaaan, I wish I understood japanese, it would make my life sooo much easier... understanding what they sing right off the bat instead of looking for translations and being able to sing along with them (lalalala). I think the only song I can mostly sing to is Cherish...but I got help from the subs..its still hard to pronounce. Oh well, hopefully in college I'll be able to take japanese as a class.

OH OH! I know how to write my name in katakana....that's a step right? haha
27th-Dec-2007 07:11 pm - no. 02
&quot;sho&quot; serious
2nd and last post of the year.

So I finally got to customize my lj to relate it to NEWS, thanks to rosevic87 ^_^. It's kind of hard for me to blog since I've refrained from my xanga era a long time ago, but I'll get used to it. Well, my layout is really simple and probably looks amateurish compared to others but yeah, who can you blame, I'm a noob -___-.

I think I have to mention something about JE? I don't knoooow cuz I'm a noob at that too, but I'm progressing. All I can say is, I have a new icon of shige (LOVE! it) credits to jackie22393. I gotta say, Shige is my number one NEWS member yet. Its weird, I used to not like him cuz I thought he was a little, well how do you say....on the curvy side, ONLY cuz of his hair in the HwM and TEPPEN PVs--OH and the IZANAIZUKI performance on the NEWS DVD where he sang "kuchizuki wo" (I know everyone knows that part hehe). After seeing him in the weeeek PV, I totally fell for him. Totally went up on my NEWS Rank scale (is it ok to have rank scale? I mean, I love NEWS altogether but I have my favorites. That's alright right? haha) The members are all mumbo-jumbo though on the scale. Once I finally come to stable decision, I'll let you guys know. ha. Anyway, SHIGE! (KYAA!) hehe
13th-Nov-2007 06:11 pm - Ummmm
&quot;sho&quot; serious
This is my first time using LiveJournal, and it's kind of confusing. But hopefully, I'll get used to it. Ummmmmmm yeah. haha.
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